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1997 CO TRI Facility Report:


Facility ID: 80701XCLCR1505E
County: MORGAN
SIC Code: 2011
SIC Description: Meat Packing Plants
Reporting Year: 1997
Technical Contact: PAUL PEAKE
Technical Phone: 9708679862
Public Contact: PAUL PEAKE
Public Phone: 9708679862
Waste Generated1: 138728
Total Releases1: 5888
Total Releases and Transfers1: 7138
Preferred Lon/Lat?2: YES

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1 All amounts are in pounds.
2 Each TRI facility is required by law to provide accurate locational data (longitude and latitude). EPA checks these to some degree, correcting some, and creates two new categories, preferred latitude and preferred longitude. When available we use the EPA preferred latitude and preferred longitude to locate the TRI facilities on the maps.

It is important to note that TRI releases are self-reported. If a facility incorrectly reports its locational data we should question the accuracy of their self-reported releases as well. For more about this and TRI in general we suggest that you visit EPA's official TRI website,

If you think a facility is incorrectly located please let us know. In the future we will issue a report listing these locational errors and also advise EPA.

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