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Clary Meuser Research Network

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ED's (EDF) Krupp says send comment to EPA
Transition team by January 11, 2001 ... More

Deleted from NRDC's Clean Air Network discussion
list for posting above message ... More


-- More Info on Peltier Case --
Read the book, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
for more about the FBI and AIM

Environmentalism in the 21st Century
Report links race, income with environmental hazards in Massachusetts (01/09/01)
Environmental Defense's Fred Krupp Praises Christine Todd Whitman Choice for EPA head (12/22/00) - Read the endorsement and a dissenting view.
Superfund Investigations Suspended as Furor Rages at EPA (01/08/01)
Geographic Information Systems in Public Health: Proceedings of the Third National Conference
Bush Nominees, Lobbyists Set to Overhaul Federal Rulemaking (01/08/01)
Corporate Democracy - James K. Galbraith on the Bush Administration (01/07/01)
Clinton Preserves Pristine Roadless National Forests - Republicans Vow to Undo the Rule (01/05/01)
Black Leaders Slam 'Illegitimate' Bush Presidency (01/05/01)
Bush's Pick for Energy Sought to Kill Agency (01/05/01)
Reversal of Environment Initiatives Is Proposed: Key GOP Lawmaker Outlines Plan to Bush (01/04/01)
Indian Country: Norton's nomination may spell trouble
Book Review - Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age: An Insiders Alarming Discovery About Cancer and Genetic Damage (Children at higher risk than adults)
Sharpton promises to fight Whitman's EPA nomination
Bush Taps Watt Protege for Interior
Satellite-generated rain maps show air pollution hinders rainfall

SEVERAL NEW U.S. BASED POLLUTION MAPS PLUS MANY INTERNATIONAL MAPS INCLUDING HUD E-Maps, California pesticide use, Acid rain in Europe, Scandinavian Forest damage due to air pollution, Ground deposition of 137Cs after the Chernobyl accident, Barents Region SO2 air concentration, Transport routes of POP and concerned areas, & Cleaner Production in China.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to providing the data, tools, knowledge, and expertise that will help tribes, governments, community groups, and businesses communicate the various facets of environmental, health and social problems, solutions, and achievements in such a way that ...
More About CMRN

Timely Readings

The Selling of Free Trade: Nafta, Washington, and the Subversion of American Democracy by John R. MacArthur. Inside Passage: A Journey Beyond Borders by Richard Manning. Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train: Errant Economists, Shameful Spenders, and a Plan to Stop Them All by Brian Czech.
Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
More Books More Books More Books

Census Data & Maps
We have partnered with Geolytics. Discounts available on their easy to use and comprehensive CensusCD and other products ...

New WebMaps
Healthy Communities Environmental Mapping HUD E-MAPS is a free Internet service that combines information on HUDís community development and housing programs with EPAís environmental data ...

New Free Data From CMRN
1998 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) in ArcView and ArcExplorer formats ...

New Data Resources
CINA+ Online - Cancer Registry Data, Charts, Maps; BLM Downloadable Lands Data, Library of Congress Historical Maps ...

New Products
New and used books, eco-friendly goods, alternative energy, maps and more ...

Featured Websites
Indigenous News
Internet Policy Institute
Electronic Policy Network
Center for Commercial-free Education
The Baffler
Left Business Observer
Corporate Watch
Planet Ark News
Common Dreams News Center
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
NRM - Changelinks
Environmental Advocates Homepage
Indigenous Environmental Network
California Indian Basketweavers Association - Eliminating Pesticides in Gathering Areas
Seventh Generation Fund

Environmental Justice Resources
Breathing Poison: The Toxic Costs of Industries in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana ...

Conferences & Calls for Papers
6th Biennial Conference on Communication and the Environment ...

Our Work Featured
Our work featured in WorldWatch's State of the World 2000 ...

Project Wishlist
Have a GIS or Web Map project that you would like to see accomplished? Submit yours, read about others and make connections ...

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Free GIS Tutorial & Atlas: Learn to create digital maps.
National Park IssuesPollution, Gentrification, Indigenous Use and Land Rights, Rural Development, Tourism, Ecosystems, Preservation...
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaks to war, peace, love, military defense, retaliation, brotherhood, revolution.
Empowering Innovations: Food for thought, catalyst for action.
GREENWASH: Perspectives on right-wing and libertarian think-tanks, free-market and common-sense environmentalists, and their corporate sponsors.
Federal Lands GIS Map Layers include Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Defense, National Park Service, Wilderness and more. Immediate download.
Worst Case Sce- narios: Terrorism & industrial chemicals.
Discussion Lists - Join in or just get the news.

The Southern Poverty Law Center

The Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

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International Right To Know Campaign

Right To Know Network - environmental information and databases


Union of Concerned Scientists

common dreams news center news and views

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