Items in Meridian

Monetary Items
The currency of Meridian.
This fist-sized emerald would be a dream come true if it weren't for some apparent flaws in the gem.
Sapphires are beautiful and you can catch a good price for them.
This is a small, flawed, yet rather valuable diamond.
A perfect gem, but a hard item to get.

This is a handful of some random magical herbs.
This vine of elderberries is plump and succulent looking.
Brown Mushroom
These mushrooms are as common as dirt in this part of the world.
Purple Mushroom
It is a spell reagent. Don't even think of trying to eat these.
Red Mushroom
Amazingly eye-catching, these mushrooms are perhaps the prettiest of all fungi.
Blue Mushroom
It is a spell reagent.
Orc Tooth
These nasty teeth used to be in an orc's mouth!
Fairy Wing
These wings are in high demand across the land, for many mystical and devious purposes.
Dark Angel Feather
This is a dark angel feather.
Blue Dragon Scale
These beautiful scales were part of a dragon--hope he doesn't want them back!

Offense & Defense
Maces are weak and don't have a very long range, but it is deffinately better than nothing.
Short Sword
It is not very strong, but it is at least better than a mace.
Has an acceptable range, better than maces. It doesn't deal much damage, though.
Good range, sturdy, and strong.
Long Sword
This weapon is not very strong, but it has a long range.
Mystic Sword
This is a strong and powerful weapon with a longer range than the long sword.
This is a powerdul weapon. It has a huge range and does heavy damage.
Small Shield
A weak and small shield, although it is better than nothing.
Gold Shield
A strong shield providing that protection you've been wishing for.
Knight's Shield
An amazingily crafted shield, this will last you a long time.
Chain Armor
This provides very limited, but thankfully some, protection.
Plate Armor
One of the strongest protections you can get.

Water Skin
This is a bag of water.
This is a nice looking delicious variety apple.
Meat Pie
This is pretty standard grub. Doesn't taste too bad though.
Loaf of Bread
This is a short but dense round loaf.

Miscelanious Items
This torch will offer you inviting illumination.
The unknown blue liquid in this flask still look cool and refreshing. When used, this item will raise your hit points.
Inky Caps
These mushrooms are as common as dirt in this part of the world. But at closer inspection you see that they're Envigorating Inky Caps.
Relic of Qor
Once belonging to the great Qor this item has been lost in Meridian. It can be used to open some secret areas when using the right phrases.
This large spider egg is almost bursting with life.
Chalice of the Rain
There is an inscription around the base - 'to catch her tears'.

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